Read this article to know what data of yours is stored by , how is it stored and used.


  • What data is stored?

  • About your banking data

  • Do we share or transfer your data to third-parties?

What data is stored?

BoloForms stores the user and usage data in MongoDB Atlas, the MongoDB Org cloud-hosted database.

The below table provides the complete list of what data of yours does BoloForms store in this database. To make it clear, it also lists what data is NOT stored.

Type of data

We store:

We do NOT store:

User identification

  • Username

  • Google email address

Google Form data

  • Google Form ID (identifier of your Google Form where you have configured BoloForms)

  • Form Title

  • Description

  • Number of questions

  • Respondent email address*

  • Content and data of your Google Form

  • Question titles

  • Responses to each question

  • Respondent’s username

Sharing & notification email addresses

  • Number of email addresses

  • Email addresses of the recipients*

Notification email content

  • Email template*

Subscription data

  • Current plan details (Individual Premium, Team Premium)

  • Transaction details (amount, invoice ID, payment date)

  • Transaction handler (Stripe confirmation number)

  • Invoiced person or company name

  • Banking data

We store only the data that are absolutely necessary for BoloForms to function to its entirety. Deleting some of or all of this data will interrupt BoloForms functionality.

However, if you do not want us to store your data, you can send us your request to and we will permanently delete it from our database.

About your banking data

We are using Stripe to manage all your payments.

When you purchase a BoloForms subscription using Stripe, it only provides us with your customer email address (linked to your Stripe account).

Stripe does not share with us your bank or credit/debit card information.

Do we share or transfer your data to third-parties?

Absolutely not. All your data remains safe, within MongoDB Atlas – BoloForms database. We do not share, transfer or sell any of your information to other companies

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